Speciality Breads

A range of breads to excite the palate and enhance any meal.

Black Russian

A dark, loaf with a soft, moist crumb, this must be tasted to be believed - just look at the ingredients!

Bodiam Brown

Named for the Castle just outside our bakery door, this is a wholemeal loaf with the added tang of molasses.  The dark colour of the loaf belies a light, soft crumb.  It is available either as a tinned loaf, or round and baked on the oven sole.


Made to a traditional French recipe, our brioche is made with eggs, butter, sugar  and milk for a silky crumb and slightly sweet taste.  Lovely for breakfast or tea, and possibly the best bread for summer pudding.


Made as a four-strand plait, this bread makes a stunning addition to a dining table.  Eggs and sugar enrich this light textured loaf, which makes fantastic French Toast.

Chocolate Bread

The secret of this bread is that it's not too sweet.  Delicious eaten with a mild fresh cheese, with a cup of coffee, or even with a glass of good red wine.  Chocolate and bread - what could be nicer?

New York Rye

A light rye bread (65% wheat flour and 35% rye flour) flavoured with caraway in genuine New York style.  Made using a rye sourdough starter as well as yeast.

Sussex Flute

A small baguette, but slashed once down the centre of the loaf.  The flûte is made with a poolish (a French type of pre-ferment) in the traditional manner, and has a lovely, open texture and crisp crust. 

Pain de Campagne

A bold country bread made with stoneground wholmeal and white flours, using a rye poolish (French-style pre-ferment).  This bread compliments smoked meats and hard cheeses exceptionally well.

Pain au Levain

A big, naturally leavened, traditional rustic French sourdough bread, made with white flour and a fleck of wholemeal.  Not too sour, and perfect for sandwiches.

Pane Pugliese

A wonderfully versatile, flavoursome Italian country bread from the heel of Italy.  It has a lovely deep crust and a distinctive bubbly surface.  Made using a biga (an Italian pre-ferment) made from flour, water and yeast), which gives the loaf a fabulous flavour and excellent keeping qualities.

Potato and Thyme

This is a lovely, soft bread, slightly sweet and redolent with fresh thyme.   Freshly boiled potatoes add moistness and silkiness to the crumb.

Rye Sour

A sharply sour, dense, moist rye bread in the German style made without commercial yeast.  This is a perfect bread is to pair with strong cheeses or salami.  Wheat- and yeast-free.

Seeded Méteil

A mixture of wheat and rye flours, made with a rye poolish (a French style pre-ferment), this loaf has a slight tang from the rye, and extra crunch from pumpkin, sesame, sunflower and flax seeds.

Seven Seed Cob

Made with a mixture of wholemeal and white flours.  The addition of pumpkin, sunflower, sesame, poppy and fennel seeds, plus millet, gives this nutritional bread a wonderful texture and flavour.

Spelt Sourdough

Spelt is an ancient variety of wheat which some people who have trouble digesting wheat gluten find easier to eat.   This is sourdough loaf, with a strong flavour, and no commercial yeast.

Sunflower Genzano Pave

A flavoursome wholemeal loaf studded with sunflower seeds.  Our breakfast bread of choice every Saturday at the bakery!