The Tutors


Elizabeth Weisberg was born in Boston, USA and trained as an art historian at Columbia University in New York.  She has co-written “Great Paintings of the Western World”. Elizabeth continued working in the arts in New York, in intellectual property, where she met Rachel.  At this time she was the self-appointed office baker – the one who made the birthday cakes and other treats for co-workers. At home she cultivated a growing love of bread-baking, and read all the bread books she could lay her hands on, baked as often as she could, and began to think seriously about a career in food.  She moved to London in 1998 and trained at the National Bakery School in London, following which she set up the Lighthouse Bakery with Rachel where she is head baker.



Rachel Duffield is a farmer’s daughter born and brought up in West Sussex. She studied Ceramics at art college. She moved to London in 1981 where she pursued a career in publishing and latterly, intellectual property, becoming Chief Executive of the national collecting society for the visual arts.  She then felt that it was time for a complete change of life.  Always an avid home baker, she decided to develop her passion and eventually opened the Lighthouse Bakery, South London, in 2000.  She ran the shop, dealt with all aspects of administration (from press and PR to health and safety), and also baked a few loaves.