The Lighthouse Bakery School is part of the award-winning Lighthouse Bakery, an independent artisan bakery founded in London in 2000.  "Artisan" simply means that we use few automated processes, relying instead on traditional methods.    After seven years of owning and running a retail shop in Battersea, co-owners Rachel Duffield and Elizabeth Weisberg decided to move to East Sussex to set up the bakery school and a small wholesale bakery.  Offering expertise and experience, we want to inspire a new generation of bakers.


Set amidst the gently rolling hills of the High Weald, and overlooking Bodiam Caslte, the Lighthouse Bakery School offers a range of courses in a delightful setting.  Each course will give you the experience of working with a variety of doughs and you will take with you the skills and confidence  to make fantastic looking, great-tasting bread at home.