In addition to the Bakery School, we also operate as a wholesale bakery.    All our bread is made using traditional methods.  We hand-mould each individual loaf and use long fermentation times to develop the full flavour of the dough.  We do not use any artificial enhancers or chemical improvers. How to Order

Classic English White Wheat Breads

All our Classic English Wheat Breads are made from the same dough stock using a 16-hour sponge to coax the maximum flavour from the grain.

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Wholemeal and Malted Breads

Our wholemeal breads are made using stoneground wholemeal flour, which preserves all the nutritional qualities of the wheat. Our malted loaves use a combination of white and Malthouse flours.

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Speciality Breads

A range of breads to excite the palate and enhance any meal.

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