Course Descriptions

Advanced Baking

This course is aimed at people who have had some experience of baking bread but who want to learn more and raise the level of their understanding.  We will discuss recipe-building and methods beyond the straight dough process, including the family of pre-ferments:  sponges and poolishes. 

American Baking

Cross the Atlantic for a day and discover a range of American baked goods.  These include lightly sweetened honey wholewheat bread,  the intriguingly named Anadama bread, fragrant potato and thyme bread, and chewy oatmeal raisin cookies.

Baking for Valentines

Hearts, hearts and hearts!  Surprise your valentine with a handmade, edible Valentine this year:  chocolate bread, luscious chocolate tarts, bagels and a heart-shaped passion fruit mousse to die for!

European Baking

The rich tradition of long-fermented doughs in a variety of styles will be examined in this course, including Italian pane pugliese, French pain de campagne, German rye and Swedish limpa.  

Family Baking

(limited to 2 children, aged between 6-12, per adult)
Baking is something the whole family can enjoy doing together. Children love to mess around with dough, and it's a great way to introduce kids to food made from scratch. We'll make bread and rolls, cookies to cut into fun shapes and decorate, plus a quick and easy cake.

Family Baking for Christmas

Ho Ho Ho!  Happy festive family baking for children and adults.  Edible ornaments and special Christmas breads make this a fun day for all ages.

Family Baking for Easter

Never mind the Easter Bunny - how about some Easter baking to bring the treats?  Parents and children can discover a world of Easter baking to rival any rabbit's basket!

Festive Baking: Christmas Edition

Nothing signals Christmas like the smell of heady spices wafting from the oven.
Learn to make breads for the festive season from around the world, including Stollen from Germany, the Pompe a l'Huile from Provence,  Joululimppa from Finland, and more.   Plus  the ultimate shortcrust pastry for your mince pies.

Festive Baking: Easter Edition

There's more to Easter than chocolate eggs and bunnies!  Explore a wide range of Easter breads from a variety of traditions, including koolich, , tzoureki, cresia, and the best hot cross buns ever!

French Baking

The ultimate baguette, crisp outside and airy inside, is as evocative of Paris as the Eiffel Tower. Learn how to make this at home, as well as a sampling of other French treats including some unusual regional specialities.

Introduction to Baking

For people who have little or no baking experience, here's an opportunity to get to grips with yeast and fermentation and handling doughs through all stages of the bread-making process.  We will make white and wholemeal breads and an enriched dough.  You will leave with a much greater understanding of what makes bread "work" and the confidence to do it yourself at home.

Introduction to Baking - Adults and Older Children 13 -17

We've introduced this course to accommodate the growing number of more mature children who would be comfortable on an adult course.  The products made are exactly the same as the regular Introductoin to Baking course.  Please call for more information.

Introduction to Baking: Adults and Children 9 - 13


Italian Baking

A whole course devoted to the many bread traditions of Italy, including pizza, pane Pugliese, Tuscan salt-free bread, pane de Genzano, our famous chocolate bread, and many more.

Jewish Baking

From bagels and bialys to challah and sweet things, here is a vast range of Jewish baking to explore.  You will learn about the traditions to some of these baked goods and hone new skills, including plaiting challah and hand-rolling and boiling bagels.  To paraphrase an old advertisement for Levy's Rye Bread in America:  you don't have to be Jewish to love Jewish baking! 

Pastry Workshop

Do you have pastry-fear?  Do you wish you were pastry-fearless?  This workshop aims to de-mystify pastry-making in some of its many forms:  Shortcrust, Danish, Chocolate Pâte Sucre, flaky cheddar cheese and Strudel.  First we'll make the different pastry doughs, and then we'll use those doughs to make various tempting tarts and treats.  Fear be gone!

Pizza Workshop

Pizza, pizza and nothing but pizza.  Think crusty and blistered, or thick and chewy.  Make pizzeria style pizza at home.  Learn how to create the most flavoursome and stretchy of doughs, and try out some classic and unusual toppings.  We will also investigate "pizzas" from cultures other than Italy.  Come hungry!

Scandinavian Baking

*NEW for 2013*  Nordic Noir in Bodiam!  You've read the books; seen the television series; now taste and explore the baked delights of the Nordic countries.  From cinnamon buns to Danish Pretzels and on to traditional rye breads - the baked goods will thrill you!

Traditional British Baking

At the bakery, we make a hero of the humble British loaf - and we want you to do so too!  From the iconic Cottage to the fruity Bara Brith, learn how to make these classic British breads - plus a Chelsea Bun or two.

Worldwide Bread Traditions

Discover a wide world of bread-making traditions ranging from the Mediterranean basin to the Indian sub-continent, including flatbreads such as Rajasthani salt & spice bread, Afghan snowshoe naan and pitta.